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'White Guilt' is the New Race Card
Came across a story on Fox News today (Yea... I know, but sometimes, it's good to see what they are thinking) and I came across this article talking about some feelings at Glen Allen High School concerning a video that talks about the disadvantages that minorities face within this society.

And I'm kinda curious, because as a black male, despite having a career, and middle class, I do recognize that my journey in life has been harder than those of my white peers.  And race and how I've been perceived by others has been a HUGE part of that.   Many of my white friends have already recognized this, some even bringing things to my attention that I wasn't even aware of.  And others seem to be oblivious as to how my struggles were different from theirs. 

But recent events, with Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl, and educational videos like this has brought something to light that I just didn't anticipate.  Many whites are sincerely offended that at the notion that their peers or themselves as a society could possibly have elements and constructs in place that are detrimental to the growth of minorities versus whites.   That the very thought of something like that is completely absurd and offensive to even try and acknowledge.   That our educational system, our justice system, our economy, our neighborhoods, are completely open to every non white without any restrictions or additional hurdles that negatively impact non-whites. And that any of these hurdles that are claimed to be in place are just fictional elements and lies by liberals, politically correct, and ghetto pimps. 

Really???   Why are so many people in denial and only look at our society through only their own eyes and REFUSE to acknowledge that these hurdles are in place.   It's not White guilt, it's just the way it is.   And in order to move forward, YOU... MUST... CONFRONT... THE... ISSUE!!!   Otherwise, we're just stuck in this same damn loop, with everyone keeping their heads stuck in the sand and refusing to acknowledge the elephants in the room. 
  • It's not an attack on police
  • It's not an attack on whites
  • It's not to make Whites feel inferior
  • It's not to make Blacks feel superior

It's an acknowledgement of the constructs and issues that are currently in place that are keeping us from moving forward as a society.   And once we have identified these constructs and issues, we can deal with them and move forward. 

Or is it that many in our society feel as if they are giving up their positions by doing so?

Wonderful to have registered on this forum and making my very first post. I wonder why is this place so lonely? Anyone got any idea?
Mike Craig
[IT Services]

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